Ea Vasko´s artworks are dealing with the perception of space and the different ways of looking. She aims to remove all the easily recognizable visual elements from her photographs, so that the perception of the photographed object becomes uneasy. By doing this she examines viewing as an act and also how the way of seeing can be affected trough the photograph. She often mixes real and staged situations together by using so called real places and scale models as the objects of her photographs.

Usually the proportions of the space in a photograph are clear. But what happens in the viewers mind when the necessary items needed for the perception of space are left out from the picture? Through these ideas Ea Vasko is concentrating to observe the city space, trying to investigate the controlled environment we are living in. The recognizable places have disappeared from her photographs; instead, the pictures are getting closer of depicting the cityscape and its characteristics universally.

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From series Translucents, 2005

Study V

From series Defining Darkness, 2005